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At Sound Performance Psychology, we’re committed to helping traders, athletes, executives, and musicians excel. Led by experts Sean Sawyer, MS, and Dr. Nia Sterling, PhD, our team leverages over 30 years of experience to fulfill your potential through innovative psychological strategies.

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Sean Sawyer
Dr. Nia Sterling

Performance Enhancement EMDR

EMDR therapy improves mental resilience, focus, agility, and stability, which are critical to fulfilling your potential in high-pressure environments like trading, sports, and executive leadership.

What We Offer


For Traders & Investors

Master the ability to regulate emotions and manage risks in decision-making under market pressure.


For Athletes

Enhance focus and resilience to convert potential into victory. Our methods integrate mental and physical training for superior performance.


For Executives

Cultivate leadership and strategic decision-making skills that align with your career goals and enable you to thrive under pressure.


For Musicians

You will find techniques for developing an expressive performance so that you can fully discover your artistic potential.

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Our Services

Individual Coaching:  Customized, one-on-one sessions focused on your unique professional and personal goals.

Workshops & Seminars:  Dynamic group sessions in a like-minded community interested in a deeper understanding of performance psychology.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Guidance: You benefit from the depth of knowledge our seasoned professionals bring to each consultation.

Evidence-Based Practices: Our methods are grounded in scientific research, ensuring effective and efficient results.

Personalized Approach: We tailor our strategies to meet your needs, helping you achieve and exceed your performance goals.

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Join us at Sound Performance Psychology to unlock your full potential. Whether trading, leading, performing, or competing our tools and strategies are designed to propel you toward excellence. Contact us today to transform your potential into peak performance.